Hello, and thank you for taking an interest in my work!  Photography and the creative process has a been a huge part of my professional life for the past eighteen years, and continues to do so to this day.  Interestingly enough, photography was not my first passion - aviation was.  Every since I can remember, airplanes, and pretty much anything that could fly intrigued me.  My late fathers career as an Project Engineer for Rockwell International had a lot to do with it too I bet.  My passion for photography and aviation is a match made in heaven.  I feel tremendously blessed to be able to fuse both of my passions into one business.  

Thank you again for taking the time to check out some of my work, and learn a little about me.  Now allow me the opportunity to help you tell your story.   

Brooks Institute Alumni 2010. 

Online resume: Linkedin Profile

ISAP October Issue 2016 - Pages 164-171